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Wayward Wind

1978 Fisher 25 (Hull #18)

Note the roller furling on all three sails and the Bimini top over the cockpit

Wayward Wind motoring in our home port of Dymer Creek on the Virginia Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay


Wayward Wind’s Home Port: Waterfront home with pier (7.5’ depth) on Dymer Creek (on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay just north of the mouth of the Rappahannock River) at:

* Latitude: 37º 40.828’ N
* Longitude: 76º 21.992’ W

Wayward Wind docked at our home pier on Dymer Creek

Our Fisher is just a few steps from our waterfront home. Plenty of room at our pier for visiting Fishers

Owner/Skipper: Dave Herndon

Owner’s Credentials:

* More than 60 years boating experience (power and sail)
* Active 50 Ton Near Coastal Waters Merchant Marine License for power vessels, auxiliary sailing vessels, and assistance towing vessels)
* Coxswain, US Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCG-Aux)
* Advanced Pilot (AP) Rating, United States Power Squadrons (USPS)
* Boating affiliations: USCG Auxiliary; USPS; Northern Neck Sail and Power Squadrons; and Boat/US

Owner Contact Information: David H. Herndon, 469 Long Lane Farm, White Stone, VA 22578. Home/Office Phone: (804) 435-2056; Cell Phone: (804) 761-0409;

Email: We also monitor VHF channel 16 while underway

Mates/Crew (as available): Dee Herndon (wife), Laura Griffith (daughter), Mark Griffith (son in law), Haley Griffith (granddaughter), Lucie Griffith (granddaughter), Hale Herndon (son), Amy Herndon (daughter in law), Hannah Pauley (Granddaughter), and Sam Herndon (grandson)

Cruising Areas/Cruising Style: After many years of cruising in both sail and power vessels, I was looking for a vessel that could be used year-round in the Chesapeake Bay area and could be efficiently propelled by power and/or sail. Only a pilothouse motorsailer could meet this demand. After looking for good second-hand motorsailers for several years, I narrowed it down to a Fisher 25 or 30. In 2002, when Jim Haddock put his Fisher 25, Sulis, for sail, I went to Bath, ME and sailed with Jim for several days. It was just what I wanted. After a comprehensive and successful survey, I purchased her.

Upon taking ownership and bringing her back to Virginia, I changed her name to Wayward Wind and commenced a two year (2002-2003) complete restoration and upgrade. Although she was generally in very good shape, I wanted her to meet current standards and have modern equipment and instrumentation. As an active member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, I also had to have the extra safety and operational equipment to pass a USCG Auxiliary operational vessel inspection. Details on the upgraded equipment and instrumentation are presented in the below sections.

Wayward Wind with its enclosed pilothouse, cabin heater, air conditioning, cockpit Bimini top, and all sail roller-furling-reefing from the cockpit is rigged for year-round cruising. Except for rare periods of ice or severe weather, we use the boat (day-cruising) from our waterfront home almost everyday, spring, summer, fall, and winter in the central Chesapeake Bay. We also take longer trips around the greater Chesapeake Bay area, and occasional we take trips up and down the intercoastal waterway with side trips into the Atlantic Ocean and other bodies of water.

Because of ease of furling, reefing, and unfurling the sails with our total Reefurl roller-reefing systems, we now use our sails about 90% of the time for sailing or motorsailing. Before we added the Reefurl systems, we only used the sails about 30% of the time. The Reefurl systems provide us the ability to unfurl or furl all the sails from one person in the cockpit in less than three minutes. This is a major safety item, particularly when sailing single handed. There is no reason to go up on deck or on top of the pilothouse to raise/lower sails or to uncover/cover sails.

Living on the water provides us with significant seafood (fish, blue crabs, and oysters) for the family meals. We have rod holders aboard Wayward Wind and keep rods and fishing tackle aboard for blues, rockfish, and bottom fishing. Remember, a motorsailer normally cruises at trolling speeds and we often sail/motorsail and fish and at the same time. We also maintain crab pots and oyster floats at our home pier to provide additional seafood resources.

Wayward Wind is an operational US Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel (Auxiliary Vessel 25964) and is used frequently for Coast Guard Safety Patrols, Search and Rescue operations, and Auxiliary membership training.

We have several deep water slips at our pier on Dymer Creek (with electricity and water) for visiting Fishers and other friends. Stop by and see us while cruising up and down the east coast. We have several deepwater slips with water and electricity. There are several other Fishers nearby, a Fisher 30, Tantalus, is docked in Dymer Creek about half a mile east of Wayward Wind.

Year and Model: 1978 Fisher 25 (Hull #18); USCG Documentation Number: 600694

Engine: 1978 22 HP Yanmar 2QM20H. Engine upgraded in 2003 as follows. Original alternator and regulator replaced with Balmar 70-80 and Balmar MC-612 Smart Regulator System. Original engine instrument control panel replaced with new Yanmar "C" panel containing gauges rather than idiot lights. All control cables and wiring replaced. Stop solenoid added to engine to use stop control button on new "C" instrument panel.

Rigging and Sails: Ketch Rigged with Reefurl Roller Reefing systems on the Forestay, Mainmast, and Mizzenmast. All three working sails (genoa, main, and mizzen) are totally controlled (unfurled, reefed, and furled) from the rear cockpit area, a major safety feature. In addition a manually-rigged mizzen staysail is available for long reaches in light air. All four sails (genoa, main, mizzen, and mizzen staysail) are from Arun Sails, Ltd. and were purchased by the former owner in 2000. The genoa, main, and mizzen were re-cut in 2003 to fit our new Reefurl Roller Furling systems. All three sails can be furled or unfurled in less than three minutes by one person in the aft cockpit.

Reefurl System on Mizzen

With the Reefurl System, the mizzen can be unfurled or furled in a few seconds

Outside Hull: Completely refurbished in 2003 as follows:

* Bottom: Dings repaired, 6 coats of barrier epoxy on bottom, and 3 coats of Pettit Ultima SR
* Topsides: Dings repaired, 3 coats of Interlux Brightside Sea Green
* Decks: Dings repaired, 3 coats of Interlux Brightside Hatteras Off White
* Teak: Cleaned, sanded, and 6 coats of Cetol applied

Cabin, Pilothouse, and Cockpit Area: Completely refurbished in 2003 as follows:

* 5000 BTU Marine Air System Cool Mate Air Conditioning System (installed under starboard seat in pilothouse)
* Wallas 800 Kerosene Cabin Heater and Galley Stove
* Norcold Refrigerator

* New headliner and new 12V cabin lights
* Quick-install-and-remove cockpit Bimini top (does not interfere with sailing when up)
* Head holding tank system (under port bunk) with double y-valve for multiple-disposal options
* Replaced the Plexiglas on the pilothouse sun hatch

Electrical Equipment: All DC and AC electrical equipment and instrumentation taken out and replace in 2003. New and upgraded systems (partial list) as follows:

* Battery Systems: House battery bank (three Lifeline AGM 105 AH batteries) and engine start battery bank (one Lifeline AGM 105 AH battery). Battery banks inter-connected with a Balmar Digital Duo Charge system and a manual switch

Wayward Wind Instruments

Clockwise from left to right: Yanmar "C" panel; Compass; Forward-Looking Sonar; Wind Instrument; GPS-Sounder; Radar; VHF
* Heart Freedom 20 Charger-Inverter System with Link 2000 control system (provides enough current to operated air conditioning system while underway)
* BoatSafe Engine Room Heater (comes on when temperature hit freezing)
* New AC and DC circuit breaker panels (replaced old fuse system) and most wiring

Navigation Instrumentation:

* Garmin 188C GPS/Sonar
* Echopilot Silver Forward-Looking Sonar
* Furuno 1712 Radar System (radome on mizzenmast; radar reflector on mainmast)
* Ray Marine ST40 Wind Instrument
* Autohelm 3000 Autopilot
* Richie Helmsman main compass and a Silva Universal hand-held compass

Communications Equipment:

* Raymarine Ray 50 VHF with antenna on top of mizzen mast (we always monitor VHF channel 16 and also channels 9 and 13 and USCG channels 21, and 22)
* Cellular phone with external marine antenna and Motorola antenna amplifier (this system provides long range, high strength cellular telephone communications with no blind spots in the Chesapeake Bay area). Our cell number is (804) 761-0409

Ground Tackle System:

* Simpson-Lawrence 400 Anchor Windlass (controls in both pilothouse and on forward deck) and a Windlane URM-3 Anchor Roller Mount
* 17 lb. Bullwaga anchor (main anchor) [This anchor holds in anything (grass, shell, mud, sand)]
* 20 lb. Danforth anchor (second anchor)
* Anchor rode of 180" (90’ chain plus 90’ nylon line)

Other Equipment/Gear: As Wayward Wind is an Operational Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel, we carry considerable extra safety equipment over and above that normally found on vessels of this size. This includes: extra PFDs; towing gear; blankets; multiple charts; tide/current tables; hailer; extra lines; large first aid kit; spare parts; tools; and many others

Fuel: We have found that using one-ounce of Hammerdown 5100 Diesel Fuel Conditioner per 50 gallons of B20 diesel (20% biodiesel) has eliminated all our prior fuel system problems. This fuel mixture has provided us with:

* Improved injector operations resulting in more energy per gallon (less fuel used per hour)
* Cleaner exhaust emission with no smoke or odor
* Prevention and elimination of carbon buildup in the engine
* Prevention and elimination of water in the fuel tank
* Prevention and elimination of algae and sludge development in the fuel tank
* Easier engine starting and smoother running engine

Ownership History: I believe that I am the fourth owner. The ownership history of this Fisher 25 (as best as I can reconstruct) is as follows:
Ownership History of 1978 Fisher 25 (Hull #18; Documentation Number: 600694)

2002 — Present
David H. Herndon
Wayward Wind
Dymer Creek, VA

1996 — 2002
James M. Haddock and Kathryn R. Kenyon
Bath, ME
19?? — 1996

Joseph A. Bennett
Virginia Beach, VA
1978 — 19??

George I. Garner
Virginia Beach, VA