Hello everyone.  I just acquired Tantalus and moved her a few hundred yards up the creek to my pier.

  I had originally planned to retire to an island in Casco Bay, Maine where I mis-spent many of my early years while cruising the NY, New England, and Canadian coasts, but high taxes and chilly winters prompted the more rational look towards the Chesapeake and the lucky find of a nice waterfront cottage on Dymer Creek where my two Border collies, Nellie and Hector, can run free and herd the waves.  The only thing missing was the boat.  There's a Fisher 25 which lives farther up the creek, a classy vessel which I had been coveting each time it glided past my house.  At a cocktail party last November I finally met Wayward Wind's owner.  David was happy to talk about Fishers, and I was happy to listen.  He told me of a Fisher 30 he thought was for sale that lived in a cove only a few hundred yards down the creek.  That was mid-November.
  Tantalus is a Fisher 30 with one major modification.  Back in 1981 she was re-rigged as a sloop.  The one thing I had heard about Fishers was that short of a full gale they were a bit slow under sail.  When I went out for a test sail I was most pleasantly surprised.  In winds of about 15kts with the main and only the 110% jib, we were cruising along at a comfortable 5 1/2 kts,  With a taller mast, stepped over the aft head bulkhead, she behaves like a real sailboat.  I was impressed.
  Well, I guess that's enough for an introduction, but just ley me say that any Fishers that would like to visit Dymer Creek will be made welcome.
Cheers for now,

Dick Seymann <>