Storm Petrel

We are Jeff Hubbell and Fraser Pierson, living in Medford, Oregon.  We
purchased Storm Petrel, a 1977 Fisher 34, in May of 1999 in Sausalito, and we
think we are the third owners.  She did some extensive cruising in the
Carribean before coming west where she lived in the SF Bay for several years.
 We took delivery outside the Territorial waters to avoid the dreaded
California taxman, and had the boat delivered to her new home port of
Winchester Bay, Oregon on the Umpqua River.  Immediately after arriving in
Salmon Harbor, the Westerbeke 58 engine ingested some sea water through the
cooling system and became very quiet and still.  We did a fairly thorough
repair including one new cylinder sleeve, piston, rod, all new rings, valve
job, and had to have the crankshaft ground a bit (the engine interior is no
place for raw sea water!), and an overhaul of all the heat exchangers, plus a
new anti-siphon valve.  The engine runs quite smoothly now, and should
provide many more hours of service.  

Our cruising has been quite limited thus far to short excursions up the
Umpqua River or over the Umpqua Bar on day sails (particularly during salmon
season) with our "becoming seasoned" crew of Casey and Jake, our two golden
retrievers.  We are hoping for a multiple week trip up to Vancouver Is. this
summer if work schedules will permit.  We hope to meet some of you other
Fisher crews this summer.

Jeff Hubbell and Fraser Pierson