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Listings to August 31, 2016

Fisher 30 (Ketch)

MaxSea 30, 1977

Old Squaw 30, 1979

Steadfast  30, 1979

Youngster  30, 1978 

Fisher 37 (Ketch)

Noorderson 37, 2007

Northeastern (Ketch)

Keta  1978 Alaska

Skippy III  Duncan, B.C.

JoJo 32 Catfisher1985

Solent (single marconi rig)

Honu 30, 1979

At the Member's Meeting held on June 14, 2008 it was decided that all postings for Fisher's For Sale would require the owner to contribute  $25 (Can or US) to the FOG Web Page Fund at the time of the posting.  This would be for a minimum four month listing. 1