A Report on the 2004 FOG Conference

by Louise and Richard Brown

To all the participants to the
First FOG Conference, Vancouver B.C.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the organising committee for the success of this First FOG conference. Don, you are an excellent "maître díoeuvre" and we now know the secret why the Western FOG is so active! From our point of view, the success of the conference had something to do with the informal character it held and the pertinence of the topics presented. Holding a true passion for our Fisher, we were very excited to meet people that have been hit by the same Fisherís disease! We have enjoyed every minutes of the conference and the time spent with the other Foggers.

Right from the beginning, the first chairman, Chris Boulsbee, have set the tone with his knowledge, his experiences and his humour! He has reminded us that the Fisher can sail without the power of the engine, though our personal statistics are not quite as eloquent as hisÖ yet! (of course, we can put it on the great currents we are facing on St-Lawrence!!!). Mr Milneís presentation has convinced Louise that voyaging 22 days heading south can be done without carrying winter clothes on board. (Her 30 days convoying Kanayuq from Newfoundland has been a four season adventure!). Through the story of his passage to Hawaï, Mr Milne has subtly reinforce the need for vigilant watch at all times, even from the "Head" and has convinced us of his personal skills to reset the GPS when the time is right! He surely has brought upon us how much pleasure it can be when you are voyaging with the right people! The slides presentation have given us a taste of the West Coast and will keep us dreaming for years!

It was quite stimulating to hear others sharing their knowledge, experience and creativity in solving similar problems we are encountering! Having the opportunity to discuss things with people that "know" the boat or "have been there" is quite valuable to us. Not only was it informative, but on the social level, it was just fantastic to meet people who have in common this special devotion to the classic English motorsailer. We had the chance to exchange with some of you and returned home with the impression you folks are simply just great people! We are indebted to Peter Vatcher (Georgia Brown) for his friendship and having introduced us to FOG. Peter was the first Fisher owner we met after buying Kanayuq, he and his family have become good friends of us. They actually visited us in Québec City and saw the boat! (Hopefully next time, they will accept to come out on the St-Lawrence!) During our short stay in Vancouver, Peter was generous enough to take us out on Georgia Brown. Being on the water in Canada in February was quite a treat (thrill!) for us! We must admit here that we were very impress with Peterís ability docking by himself so smoothly as we are still at the level where people gently come to meet us at our birth pretending itís for the beer!).

Needless to say we were moved by the welcome every participant has given us: we are very thankful to every one of you. We would like to express our thanks to Gary and Ann Deatherage for their invitation to join them on their Northeaster for the next FOG rendezvous in June. We donít know yet if we will accept but their offer came as a nice surprise and we were truly touched by it. We would like to thank Chris and Marilyn as well as Dan Hanson for their "Open Boat". We took notes and Ö pictures! (Chris, you have directed us to the AJR people and therefore, we have decided to spend some "Boat Units" on windows!). Also, special thanks to Rick and Marnie Creek whom went out of their way to take us along to visit Lycia Lyn, their unique pied à terre in Vancouver! We have a special bound to Bill Buol, (of course, him owning a 34 gives him special status with us!): what a colourful person (you know what I mean!) and how interesting we thought his stories were, we only wish we could hear more of them! Mary Louís Hestad had been concerned for the shipment of our Fog Tís: they were in our mail box when we got home! (We wish her and George luck in their search for a 34!). Mary Lou, as well as Sally Hamilton and June Milne must be especially thanked for their cheerful welcoming while chatting with me (Louise): merci beaucoup! We imagine Kairos will be for sale as soon as their owners cross the Atlantic and find The one they are looking for! Let us know when you do find her! We consider we are privileged to own Kanayuq and because we do lot of the work ourselves, we must say we admire Michael Beemer for his work on Griesaile (we just hope your partner is found of your boat too!). Finally, unfortunately the names of 3 persons to whom we would also like to express our thanks have slipped our mind: one of them is the person who was sitting next to Richard on Sunday and whom initiate an interesting conversation with him (you have situated us geographically with the island you are living on and lead us to the sailing opportunities in the area). Thanks to you for this special salutation, waving to us while we were walking towards the BC Center heading to the Boat show that coincidentally was held during this very weekend! We hope you enjoyed your return on the island! And finally, there is this couple that we wish we had been talking longer. Being a nurse I (Louise) think we have more in common than our Fisher and would of like to get a chance to chat! Perhaps we will have the opportunity to meet again either on the Pacific or the Atlantic waters, who knows! Hopefully, we will!

In the meantime, I guess you already know that where there your find a Fisher, you find a friend. As well as in Vancouver, this is very true in Quebec City. Kanayuq has a birth at the Yacht Club de Québec, one of the oldest club in North America. We would be very happy to welcome you on Kanayuq as well as into our home (only 15 from the ClubÖ O.K., 20 minutes away during traffic time). (Québec City has itís unique charmsÖ Founded on July 3rd 1608, it is one the only fortified city in North America! After checking on the Web, Don, you might want to organise the next FOG Conference here! Louise and I would take an active part in making this happen! Chris, would go for it donít you think?!). Anyway, if anyone of you come this way, please make a point to contact us, so we could meet and take you around. This is an official invitation to you Foggers!

Even though we appeared to be spread over thousands of nautical miles, we will try to get in contact with Fisher Owners from the east Coast and promote the Fisher Owners Group informal association. We will keep you up to date on our progress in this area.

Louise and Richard Brown
St- Augustin, QC,

February 15, 2004