I purchased this boat in August, 2010.  Several years earlier, under previous ownership, the boat sank in the Hudson River in NY after a mechanic neglected to plug the exhaust outlet while dismantling the engine for a top-end rebuild, allowing a siphon to set up that eventually overwhelmed the bilge pump and sank the boat at her mooring.  The boat was subsequently raised, powerwashed, and put into storage as is before coming on the market in summer 2010.  As such, she suited me perfectly, as I wanted a generally sound hull and deck to work with and rebuild and refit completely from there.  The interior surfaces were clean in appearance, but there was mud and silt behind and beneath every exposed surface, leading me to remove the interior down to the three main bulkheads and from there into the comprehensive rebuild now underway.
    I’ve loved Fishers since I was a kid in the 70s, and am excited to own one now.   We are looking forward to cruising Maine, New England, and Atlantic Canada and beyond.   Tim Lackey
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