Fisher Owners Group of North America                     

Joining the Group

We extend a welcome to all Fisher owners in North America and offer a Registry for "Others" who might wish to join us.  FOG was initiated in 2000 by several owners in the Pacific Northwest and soon recognized a need to represent include every Fisher owner in North America.  It is an informal organization without constitution, bylaws or membership fees.  There is no official executive although several members of the initiating group still keep tabs on the webmaster who often speaks for the Group.  We hope that members will try to form chapters in their own area but that has only been successful on the BC/Washington border and briefly on Chesapeake Bay in the East.

You can have your own web page linked to your boat name or provide me with information, photo etc and I will create a basic page.  (See SEAWEED in the Western Registry for a sample). If you have your own web page we can link to it.

Web site is :  

We have developed a group in YAHOO for everyday communication between Fisher fans. It is located at   It is easy to follow the directions for joining...
We want to develop a more complete address listing for all the members and need this information from you. We do not release any information to anyone except for the bits on the Registry and the things you put in your page. If privacy is important to you we will not even publish your email address in your Registry listing.

FOG REGISTRY (For the web page)

boat name
year (and model, if not a ketch),
registered port

OPTIONAL info (Only issued as a printed or email list for members only):

Yacht Club

Return to me by email or snail mail.


Donald Hamilton
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