Laurie B

Laurie B (25) 1977, Rockland, Maine
Carlton Pinney & Laurie Eddy,

The pic above is of her being prepared for hauling.....lying at Grand Isle, Vermont on Lake Champlain....bound for Maine.  This spring I will have proper pics of her in the water....but I like this one.

Every summer my wife and I take a get-away out to one of the islands off the coast of Maine.  My wife grew up on Nantucket and worked as a Dock Girl all the way thru high school...the Salt runs in her veins.  We travelled to Kingston Ontario last summer and saw a Fisher 25 lying in harbor, masts stowed, ready for the Rideau Canal up through to Ottawa......what a gorgeous vessel we thought.  We spent a few days out on Vinalhaven island a couple months later and finally I decided enough was enough!  When I got back home I went online and found that the boat we had seen was a Fisher25 and so I signed onto the FOG forum and the rest is history.  Jay Rubin, over to Vermont, and I, commenced a long email dialogue....a dance really, that ended in us buying his Fisher 25, which he had been lovingly restoring over the previous three years.  It was the right move for both of us...for different reasons.  I am continuing where Jay left off.....I will bring her back, through the years, to what she was when first launched in dear olde England way back in 1977.

Next summer we will cast off from Winterport... way up the Penobscot River, and drop down with the tide into Penobscot Bay and head south for our mooring in Rockland.  After that, I will post some pics of the "Laurie B" cruising along the coast o' waters where she will come alive...Again!