Fisher Owners Group of North America                     

Former Foggers & Friends

Formed in 2005, this group includes all those who have left the fold but wish to maintain contact with the group, together with Friends who simply hope to join some day...if they can find a boat Fisher!

Maurice and Julie Baguley (Fisher Lady) Portsmouth (England)

Steve Ballentyne, Sidney, BC (looking at 25-30's)

Michael Beemer & Lynette Brower 
(Griesaile)  Anacortes, WA

Paul and Mary Brower (Grey Fox) Anacotes, WA

Glen Campsall, (watching for a 37')

Bill Buol and Darlene Clevenger,

Dan and Renate Conner (Stormy)

Rick and Marnie Creed (Lycia Lyn) Vancouver, BC

Gary and Ann Deatherage (Shukran),

Jack & Anita Dosenberg (Harmony II) Vancouver, British Columbia .

Charley and Nancy Drake (Puffin) Anacortes, WA

John Frodigh (Emma Rose)

George and Mary Lou Hestad (Dawn Treader)

  Frank Hooper (Lion Heart) Sunnydale, CA

Bob and Michele Hoverter, Everett, WA  (considering the Fisher...)

Dave and Irene McConkey (No Limits) , Victoria, BC  or irene

Allen Minner (Lion Heart)

Deb and John Morrow (Puffin)

Connor Ryan. Salem, MA, (Also watching for a Fisher 25 or Potter)

Jim and Betty Tartas (Mary Vance)

Jack Todd (Tenacious) Alexandria, VA

Dick Toft (Iolanthe) Oak Harbor,WA

Daniel Twohig, Seattle WA   (learning about the Fishers)
jeff Wright (Janna) Denton, Maryland

Photo: Puffin

Winter 2017