REPORT:  Rendevous at Friday Harbor, Washington  June 16-18, 2006

by Norris & Karen Palmer <>

[Editor's Note:  Norris and Karen Palmer have just shifted their boat from an inland lake in Texas to the wild water of the Pacific Northwest and moved from the Eastern Registry to the Western...It is possible!]

What an exciting time it was to get together some of the classiest boats ever built, and the greatest people as their owners, and the most giving hosts, all at the mystical seaport of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

There, gathered at our own reserved docks, lay Fishers of just about every kind, basking in the wonderful San Juan Island weather. One F-25, two F-30’s, one F-32, an F-34 that just arrived from Grapevine Texas, and two F-37’s.
The festivities began at the bar of the prestigious San Juan Island Yacht Club with a view of the harbor so fantastic and the service and food being second to none.  After an evening of mingling at the Yacht club, it was on your own in Friday Harbor on a Friday night.

A party barge was brought over to the mooring area to greet all with coffee and rolls and exquisite pastries brought by members.  It was great to have fresh coffee surrounded by such majestic vessels.  You could look from one size Fisher to the other and see their bond to each other through their designers and builders.  You wish you could hear the stories of each hull telling you their history and how they got there and who took care of them before their new owners, of ocean crossings and wondrous gunk holing.  From thousands of miles away at a place in England, to Friday Harbor, Washington they appeared, all looking as good or better as they did when they came out of the molds back home.
Then it was time to shop until you drop at all of the quaint stores that make Friday harbor unique from any other place.  You won’t find any Big Macs floating around here nor warehouse stores, nor Pizza Huts, but lots of things you never dreamed you needed.

In the afternoon, all returned for an "open boat" tour of the vessels.  Lots of discussions of how you did this, and how you will be doing that, not to mention all the "ooohs and ahhhs" whenever someone stepped into the pilot house of another Fisher.  There were many spectators who came by ferry to view this gathering and share in the wonderment of a Fisher at dock, giving out complements and praise to each owner, hoping to some day own a Fisher themselves.

Now from out of the "bowels" of the harbor came the long awaited new addition to the excellent services of Friday Harbor……Pumpty Dumpty!  Pumpty comes equipped with large twin engines, 180 gallons of storage, dropdown bow, more fenders than a tug boat and the ability to pump over 30 gallons a minute, saving the environment from tons of waste.  Each Fisher was given a demonstration of the ease and cleanliness of a pump out and all were pleased.

Then it was time for cocktails and wine and sea stories from all with lots of fresh open air on the party barge.  You had to wear your "name tag" that came with your registration.  The name tag was made of the renown "droopy" headliner that would not "stick" to your chest, getting it to "stick" became a center of creativity between members.   Then, open air dinner.  What a "pot luck" occasion.  You could tell that this was not the Fisher Owner’s first rodeo when it came to preparing food for all.  Fresh salads with dressings that cannot be described, fresh vegetables sautéed in wine and butter, desserts galore, and low and behold…Fresh Salmon from the Local Seafood shop at Friday harbor docks cooked on Puffins new propane BBQ.  The Salmon was coated in Olive oil and capers, then placed on the grill by Steve Simpson himself who has brought many a Salmon to the perfect eating condition.  One after the other Salmon was placed before the attentive Fisher owners and visitors for lustrous enjoyment.

After filling up with the best dinner,  surrounded by our Fishers and Friends, we were corralled to have our Fisher Owner’s Group Meeting.  The largest vessel was picked for its roominess; Ariidae CatFisher 32. She is a full-on catamaran with twin hulls and a huge cabin spread across them both.  Upon entering you can see the brilliantness in design of the Fisher again in all of its creations.  The ships bell was rung to begin the meeting, presided by Steve Simpson.  (Minutes to follow).

After the meeting adjourned, it was back to the party barge and more Pacific Northwest Appreciation for such a wonderful place.

Sunday awoke the living with more great Salmon and pastries and fresh coffee as departures and cruises were discussed.  As the gathering began to disperse it was with renewed enthusiasm and confidence in our vessels and to know that others are with us in our love and admiration and respect for our ships’ surroundings and its challenges and rewards of being able to view God’s waters from behind the Pilot House.

A special thanks for the hosting and preparation and moderation from Nan & Steve Simpson from all of the FOG members.

The Lucky Attendees were:

Ariidae, CatFisher-32: Claud and Kate Wreford-Brown, Seattle, WA

Fragile Habitat, F-34:  Norris and Karen Palmer, Snug Harbor, WA

Grey Fox, F-30:  Paul and Mary Brower, Anacortes, WA

Kairos, F-37:  Steve and Nan Simpson, Friday Harbor, WA

Puffin, F-25:  John and Deb Morrow, Maple Bay, BC

Steadfast, F-30:  Don and Deslie English, Friday Harbor, WA

Gryphon, F-37: Tom Goyne, Sausalito, CA  (attended without Gryphon 
although she was close by in Friday Harbor)

And now a collection of Photos from the Rendevous  (Norris Palmer and Steve Simpson)










June 28, 2006